“Sarah is an amazing trainer. Her level of knowledge and experience is second to none. She goes above and beyond when working with clients. While I see her twice a week, she checks in on me multiple times throughout the week to make sure I’m staying on track with my diet and overall exercise routine. My favorite part about Sarah is how she keeps me motivated. She sets a tone while training that is extremely upbeat and positive. She makes me want to be better and continue to improve my body. Not to mention, she is in incredible shape and that is motivation in itself. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.”

— Melanie G.

“I have trained with Sarah for 2 years. My goals have changed during the process. She has shown her knowledge of fitness and her versatility by changing our workouts to reach my goals. She is very interested in her clients’ needs and always asks what I would like to work on. She is very flexible with our workouts. There have been times where she has planned a workout and had to switch it up because I worked on that muscle the day before. Sarah understands and appreciates the balance of a serious workout  while keeping it fun at the same time. I have seen tremendous results since I started training with Sarah. One of the biggest compliments I can pay Sarah is that I work out on my own every day and still choose to work out with her because I enjoy our sessions and value her opinion and knowledge of fitness. It is a pleasure to have a trainer that is focused on achieving goals. She takes an interest in her clients’ well being both inside and outside of the gym.  I am lucky to have Sarah as my trainer.”

— Adam C.

“Sarah didn’t just help me get arm muscles for the first time in my life (although that would have been enough). She also kept me motivated during  a challenging period of my life when health was particularly important to me. And both her training knowledge and her attitude toward fitness have helped me build a regular, well-rounded gym routine. I can’t recommend her enough!”

— Stephanie M.


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